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Find Your Favorite Best Online Premium stitching services for women and kids

Are you feed up with late delivery and high price on your stitching service?

Ztitch2fit has the perfect solution. Our new online stitchery service saves you time and money and is great value for money. We are very competitive when it comes to price, but what is more important is that ztitch2fit gives you a personal touch and we guarantee prompt delivery and satisfaction. 

Ztitch2fit Membership Features and Benefits Plan



  • Free Premium Stitching Services
  • Up to 20% Discount on Readymade Cloths
  • Additional up to 10% Discount On Stitching Service
  • High Priority Service
  • Free Pickup and Delivery
  • 3D Virtual Measurement
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Client Place Measurement
  • Family package

Free Premium Stitching Services

By choosing the ztitch2fit premium membership package, you will be eligible for free blouse stitching services for a very affordable price. 

  • Get up to 25 Free blouse stitching services or 12 designer blouse service of your choice based on the package
  • Save Money and hassle free service
  • Choose from Top rated boutique
  • You will save between ₹2250, ₹5400 and ₹11250 on blouse stitching based on the package
Free blouse stitching
Discount of readymade Blouse

Up to 20% Discount on Readymade Cloths

This package will fetch you, up to 10 to 20% discount on readymade clothing across different categories. 

  • Both under one place, you will have both premium stitching and ready-made clothing
  • No headache of size issue where we will alter for free all the clothing purchased from us.
  • Latest New Design every month
  • Convenient and easy with discount price.

Additional Up To 10% Discount On Bill

Based on the package, you will be eligible for additional 8 to 10% discount on your bill.

  • Can save easily up to INR.1000 to INR.3000
  • It will be applied for all kind of Embroidery works, Designer blouse, Lehenga, and Kurtis.
  • No minimum amount is required. You can avail from INR 500 to INR 15000.
Discount on stitching
High priority stitching service

High Priority Service

On different package, you will be eligible to get the product faster.

  • Up to 12 priority orders
  • Get the order completed by 2 - 3 working days

Free Pickup and Delivery

You will have access to free pickup and delivery for the product

  • Up to 8 KMs Free Pickup and Delivery
  • Can choose the time and date for Pick and delivery
Free pick-up and Delivery
Dedicated manager

Dedicated Manager

For the premium package, a dedicated manager will be assigned to you to take your complete requirement. 

  • Will help you with best boutique and design for your requirement
  • No headache of following up and can save time

3D Virtual Measurement

On premium package, you will be able to have 3D virtual measurement from your comfort of your house. or person will be sent to your place to get the measurement

  • Correct and accurate measurement so that stitching will be perfect
  • From the comfort of your house will have world class premium stitching service
3d Virtual measurement

We believe in the power of community

Join our community by joining our Ztitch2fit premium Member package

A Price To Suit Everyone. 

ztitch2fit is the first online premium stitching membership plan which provides consumers unlimited access to a marketplace of trusted and skilled sewing professionals. You have the flexibility to choose any of our professional sewing service providers at a convenient time and place.

INR -4090 (58% OFF)

INR -1999

Ztitch2fit Basic- 3 Months 

  • Free Blouse Premium Stitching Services of 5 (Price- 2250) OR Free 3 Designer blouse stitching
  • Up to 10% Discount on Ready made clothing (Price- 1000)
  • High Priority Service - up to 2 Orders (Price- 300)
  • Free Pickup and Delivery on all Stitching Services (Price- 540)

Total Save ₹2091  

INR -12290 (70% OFF)

INR -4299

Ztitch2fit Standard - 6 Months

  • Free Blouse Premium Stitching Services of 12 (Price- 5400) OR Free 6 Designer blouse stitching
  • Up to 15% Discount on Readymade clothing (Price- 3000)
  • High Priority Service - up to 5 Orders (Price- 1050)
  • Free Pickup and Delivery on all Stitching Services (Price- 840)
  • Additional up to 8% Discount On Your Bill (Price- 1500)
  • Up to 2 Family member (Price- 500)

Total Save ₹7991

INR -25990 (75% OFF)

INR - 5999

Ztitch2fit Premium  - One year 

  • Free Blouse Premium Stitching Services of 25 (Price- 11250) OR Free 12 Designer blouse stitching
  • Up to 20% Discount on Readymade clothing (Price- 3000)
  • High Priority Service - up to 10 Orders (Price- 2000)
  • Free Pickup and Delivery on all Stitching Services (Price- 1690)
  • Additional up to 10% Discount On Your Bill (Price- 3000)
  • Up to 4 Family package (Price- 770)
  • 3D Virtual Measurement (Price- 450)
  • Dedicated Manager (Price- 1540)
  • Client Place Measurement (Price-290)

Total Save ₹18991  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is applicable in Free blouse stitching service?

You will be either eligible for free normal blouse stitching up to 25 or a free designer blouse upto 12 based on the package. 

2. Do I get even a designer blouses stitching for free?

Yes, you will be eligible for three designer blouse.

3. What is the use of this membership package?

You can save up to 15k based on the package you choose.

If compared with other boutique designers they will charge 350*5 = 1750 but we offer 999 (basic plan) + Other benefits like-

1. 10% Discount on the Readymade product

2. High Priority Service

3. Free Pickup and Delivery on all Stitching materials

4. Additional Discount On Your Bill and more.

4. Is it only in Bangalore or any other state?

Because of logistics, we cover only Bangalore for now and we have plan to extend to all metro cities

5. How to proceed once I buy a membership package?

After purchasing the package you will get a membership activation mail within 12 to 24 hours then you can go to ztitch2fit.com and place an order. 

6. Do I need to pay anything extra for blouse stitching?

No, if you opt for normal blouse stitching but if you opt for a designer blouse, then you might need to pay for lining(if required and may cost a max of 250). 

Need to pay extra for other materials like Pads, Jhumkas and etc

7. When will I get my money back?

if the blouse doesn't fit you properly or is low quality then you can ask for money back for membership. 

We would refund the amount once we get all the information regarding the issue.

Please read the terms and conditions to know in detail

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